traditional media

If you've ever watched TV or listened to the radio, you've been exposed to traditional marketing. This includes TV and radio commercials, billboards and print ads, to name a few.

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social media

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Marketing on these platforms is quick, targeted and less expensive. They are also content driven. We are able to measure results more precisely.

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digital media

Digital marketing allows you to advertise across several channels and is not limited to social media. This includes blogging, email marketing and mobile marketing.

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Meet Mark

Welcome to MARK. Simply put, we help you make your mark.

You can have a great story, but if no one hears it, what’s the point? We have a solid track record for landing our clients consistent coverage. We also boast enviable relationships with the decision makers at various media houses.

MARK was founded by veteran journalist and media personality, Rogan Smith.

We are a full-service boutique public relations and marketing agency based in Nassau, Bahamas. As a hybrid agency we understand the need to merge traditional and online media to create memorable results that strengthen our clients’ bottom line.

Our creative team brings nearly 20 years experience in media, marketing, social media and event planning.

Before opening her agency, Smith worked for a number of PR and marketing firms. She has a sound background in broadcast and print media and is certified in marketing strategy by the prestigious Cornell University.

As a boutique agency, we offer individualized attention to our clients. Our size allows us to have a personal, hands-on relationship with you.

We work with a select group of clients to strengthen their brand and get them noticed. We pride ourselves on being an alternative to larger agencies and offer creative, workable ideas to take their business to the next level.

If you have newsworthy news, we work to make sure the world hears it.


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